This page contains links to some of my past talks. 

I believe that it’s the responsibility of basic scientists to communicate their findings to health care professionals. These talks were given to multi-disciplinary audiences who provide pain care: gynecologists, physical therapists, sex therapists, psychologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, pain specialists, basic scientists, family doctors, and more.

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2017 WCAPP Title

Mechanistic interplay of adaptations to chronic visceral pain. Invited lecture presented at 3rd World Congress of Abdominal & Pelvic Pain in Washington, DC (October 2017).  2017 WCAPP-IPPS – Copyright 2017 Melissa Farmer






heretics title

A heretic’s guide to neural substrates of sexual dysfunction. Invited Robert Krane Lecturer at Sexual Medicine Society of North America in Scottsdale, AR. (November, 2016). 2016 SMSNA – Copyright 2016 Melissa Farmer







Deciphering chronic genital pain. Invited talk presented at the American Urological Association annual meeting (Sexual Medicine Society of North America) in San Diego, CA. (May, 2016). 2016 AUA-SMSNA Chronic Pain San Diego talk







Pelvic pain: From perception to pathophysiology. Invited talk presented at 2nd World Congress on Pelvic Pain, Nice, France (June, 2015). 2015 WCAPP-IUGA – Copyright 2015 Melissa Farmer







Vulvar pain mechanisms. Invited talk presented at the International Pelvic Pain Society annual meeting in Chicago, IL. (October, 2012). 2012 IPPS – Copyright 2012 Melissa Farmer