Do you want to get a deeper understanding of pain mechanisms?

NociFACTS is a free pain education course I developed for people like YOU.  I created this course because I have seen many clinicians struggle to understand and apply pain research to their practices. My goal is to give you the foundational basis you need to critically apply these concepts in the clinic. 


… an exhaustive review of the pain literature.

… material you can skim through.

… designed for mindless rote memorization.

… intended to compete with other free or for-profit pain education programs.

NociFACTS is:

… written in understandable language.

… a foundation for critical thinking about pain science.

… a model for integrating cellular, systems, behavioral, psychological, & social perspectives of pain

… exposure to concepts implicit in the literature, that are rarely stated.

… a fantastic way to fuel your passion for pain science.

The course will be released monthly in lessons that incrementally build your pain knowledge. Accompanying audio will be added soon!

Course Content

Lesson 1: Theoretical Foundations of Pain

Lesson 2: Building Blocks of Nociception and Pain 

Lesson 3: Why Do Nociceptors Rock?

Lesson 4: What is Clinical Pain, Really?

Lesson 5:  Form and Function of Nociceptors

Lesson 6:  How Nociceptors Discriminate

Lesson 7:  Sodium Channels Made Trivially Simple

Lesson 8:  Not Your Mother’s Inflammation

Lesson 9:  Stirring the Inflammatory Soup

Lesson 10: Nociceptors Gone Wild: Peripheral Sensitization

Lesson 11: 3 Classic Papers You Should Appreciate

...and many more are forthcoming!

Application 1: Rational Pain Interviews

Application 2: Recall Bias in Clinical Pain

Application 3: Sins of Quantitative Sensory Testing